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Thank you for the foundation that our sons Jared and Gerald Holmes received at Southern Prep. In the two years that they spent there, they learned not only their ABC's and 1,2,3,s, but they also enjoyed many exciting and educational field experiences that they couldn't wait to tell us about when they got home.

Thank you for teaching them their letter sounds, because it helps them with their reading now. I didn't even know that the sun is a star, but my sons taught me that because they learned about our solar system in science class at Southern Prep. I was also impressed when they participated in our electoral process during the presidential election.

Most of all thanks you for the genuine love and concern……..including the "Warm Fuzzies," that you give to all students, and also the excitement that you and your staff have in wanting to impart knowledge in their young minds. Even though I only made it to the Dr. Seuss Celebration, thank you for encouraging parent participation. I pray for the continuous growth, success, good health and well being for you and your staff. God bless you..
Stacie Holmes

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