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Anyone enrolling in SPA agrees to meet all admission requirements set forth by the academy. Admission into the Academy is granted based on this expectation. Failure to abide by these requirements can result in your child being withdrawn from SPA. 

  • Southern Preparatory has a custom program for students 6 weeks to 12 years old. Students from 6 weeks to kindergarten will have an exciting learning experience in our care.
  • An after-school program is designed for students up to 12 years old. SPA will drop and pick up students from surrounding schools.
  • A homework session will begin at 4:00 P.M. ending at 5:00 P.M. They will have a choice to participate in an, "After-school Club," selected by themselves and their parents. After club activities students will participate in organized play.

    Requirements of Admission:
  • All required Forms from Minimum Standards completed with appropriate signatures.
  • A signed and dated statement of your child's special problems or special care needs.
  • Infant feeding instruction if applicable.
  • All financial obligations met as printed in the SPA Parent Handbook.
  • Health statement from a physician.
  • Up-dated copy of your child's immunization record.
  • Current Hearing and Vision test if required.
  • Registration Fee (non-refundable fee)
  • Material Fee (non-refundable fee)
  • Field Trip/Activity Fee (Refundable/ that which is not used.)
  • Field Trip permission slip signed and dated by parent/s.

Hours of Operation:
The academy opens at 6:30 A.M. and closes at 6:00 P.M., Monday – Friday.
Extended care takes place after a child stays at the academy over ten consecutive hours per day. Any time your child is picked up outside of the time of the extended hour day a fee of $1.00 per minute is expected to be paid upon arrival. Each family is given the courtesy of one time per semester for late pick up not to exceed 15 minutes.

Arrivals/ Departures:

Southern Preparatory opens at 6:30 A.M and closes at 12:30 A.M.

Instructional time begins at 9:00 A.M. Monday thru Thursday. On Friday Fun Experiences will begin at 8:00 A.M.

Parents must sign-in his/her child upon arrival and sign them out at the time of departure.

Release of a child to others:

Your child may be released to someone other than yourself or your spouse only when you have properly authorized us to do so. This may be done at the time of enrollment which is in your Enrollment Package. You may list persons who have privilege to pick up your child at any time during their stay at SPA.

This list may be modified at any time by completing our "Authorization to Release Child Form." In issuing an authorization form, please be certain that it is hand delivered to our Administrative Staff. If a completed form appears suspicious, we will discuss this with you to verify the information.

In rare emergencies, you may give us your authorization by phone, e-mail or fax. We will reconfirm by a return phone call later in the day, using the home, work and cellular number/s that were given on the registration form.

If you call SPA to release your child to a person who is not on the Authorized Release Form, they will be asked for appropriate identification. Please inform them of our, "Pick up Procedures."


If your child appears ill, has a high fever, is "Up – Chucking," or shows evidence of a communicable disease, we recommend that they take an R&R Day/s (Rest & Recuperation Day) from school.

If your child obtains such symptoms at SPA, you will be asked to pick him/her up immediately. This requirement is imposed by the Department of Human Services and is intended for the protection of all students. Upon returning to school from having a communicable disease your child will be asked to have a doctor's statement.

If required you will need to sign an Incident/Illness Report indicating that you received a copy of the Incident/Illness Report within 48 hours of the time of it occurrence.


A Medication Consent Form must be completed before medicine may be administrated to any student. We will only give medication provided by a physician in its original container. The student's name, physician's name, date and directions must be printed on the medication bottle.

Emergences / Medical Situations:

Within 12 hours, parents are required to inform the academy of any change of phone numbers (land or cell) or addresses during the school year due to emergences or medical situations.

You are notified immediately if your child: 

  • Is injured and the injury requires medical attention by a Health Care Professional.
  • Have symptoms of a communicative disease.
  • Has been involved in any situation that places him or her at risk.
  • Has been involved in any situation that renders The SPA center unsafe.

In the event of a serious emergency where you can not be reached, the administrative staff will call 911 and proceed to the next necessary steps.

If there is a change in the custody of a child please provide this information to the office staff. This is for the safety of your child as well as other students and staff.

Parental Notification:

At the beginning of each school year an itinerary for the year is discussed at the first parent meeting. A monthly newsletter about activities for the month and coming events are also published.

If there are any changes you will receive a notice prior to the change. There is also a reminder posted on the Parent's Bulletin Board within twelve hours of any change of SPA policies.


In order to maintain a positive learning environment, students must conduct themselves appropriately at all times and abide by the school rules. Therefore we must have a "Discipline Plan," in place. The following is the official discipline plan for SPA. 

  • Our Discipline Plan coincides with the Minimum Standards as published by The Texas Department of Minimum Standard Rules for Licensed Child Care Centers. A copy is included in this handbook.

Consequences of inappropriate behavior will include only positive reinforcement: 

  •  "Time Out" for minor offenses. One minute of "Time Out," per each child age. (Parents will be notified upon arrival of that same day.)
  • Phone Conference with the child and parent is arranged immediately for the first major offence. Hitting, spitting on other children, putting themselves or other students in an unsafe environment, not following the school rules, disrespecting staff and students.
  • After the third major offense a conference will be arranged with the director, teacher, parent and the child to develop a behavior modification plan that's concluded is in the best interest of the child.
  • If the student refuses to follow the behavior modification plan the parent will be asked to spend a day at school with their child.
  • However, if a student continues to interrupt the classroom routine, and /or violate the rules, he/she could be suspended or withdrawn from the academy.
  • If a child is withdrawn because of behavior there are no refunds on tuition for that week or for that week's Field Trip/Activities. If the month or semester is paid up there will be a refund for all days, weeks, or months that exceed beyond the week that the child is withdrawn.
  • Example: If the incident happens on a Monday, there will be no tuition refund for Tuesday thru Friday of that same week.


Southern Preparatory will provide a daily nutritional balance, colorful, delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks carefully planned each month. On Fridays during our outdoor educational experience students are provided a nutritional brown bag lunch for all meals and snacks.

Breakfast 7:30 a.m.

Lunch 11:30 p.m. PM Snack 3:00 p.m..

Monthly menus is post at the beginning of the month on the Parent's Bulletin Board.

Students are not allowed to bring food to school unless there is a signed note on file for a special diet from a physician or due to religious beliefs.


Transportation is provided to drop off and pick up students from their school.
In order to ensure the safety of all students while traveling to and from a destination, the following rules must be followed: (Please discuss these rules with your child) 

  • Students are not allowed to enter the bus until permitted to do so.
  • Seat belts are to be worn at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink while on the bus.
  • Students are not to tamper with the bus or any equipment on the bus.
  • Students are not allowed to stand, walk, or run while the bus is in motion.
  • All students are to exit the bus upon arrival at a destination.
  • Students are to follow all rules given by the teacher while away for the school.
  • Students may not talk outside of a normal conversational voice at any times.

Field Trips: (Outdoor Educational Experiences)

Southern Preparatory philosophy includes a multiplex environment to help prepare our students to become productive as well as have fun. Our outdoor educational experiences are just one way of creating ways to help make learning fun. They will take place every Friday. An outdoor experience fee is collected at the beginning of each semester. A calendar of monthly outdoor educational experiences will be available at the beginning of each month. A reminder will be placed on the "Parent's Bulletin Board," for the entire month. Experiences will include in-house movies and activities, trips to the local museums, parks, major attractions in the city and surrounding areas as well as nature walks to observe the fall leaves, birds, geese, etc.

*Students two and above will participate in field trips away from the school. Parents are encouraged to attend at least one outdoor educational experience a semester.

A Field Trip Permission Slip must be signed before your child may participate in an "Outdoor Educational Experience."

Parental Involvement:

esearch concludes that parental involvement is a necessary and influential part of any successful school program. When the teachers and parents cooperate, there is a great chance of making a positive impact on the child's life.

Parents are encouraged to call SPA or request a conference if desired. The administrative doors are always open regarding any question/s about your child. The teachers are available upon request when you desire to have a conference. We do not promote walking into the classroom during Instructional Time (9:00-11:00). This will distract them from the students and it doesn't take but one minute for an accident to happen. However, you may observe your child at any time from the observation windows or door without prior notice.

Parents may volunteer for field trips, parties, special activities or just for daily activities. When volunteering you must follow the, "Minimum Standard Rules," for Licensed Child-Care Centers. These rules are discussed at, "The Volunteer Orientation." A volunteer form is distributed upon request after attending the Volunteer Orientation.

A copy of the Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers is housed n the administrative office and may be checked out to read upon request.

The most recent Licensing Inspection Report and all other required reports are located on the Parent's Bulletin Board for you to view. If you do not see all required reports, please inquire in the administrative office.

Southern Preparatory Academy conference hours for teachers are from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. Monday thru Thursday. Please schedule your conference 24 hours in advance with the administrative staff if you feel a need to discuss a concern about your child. Appointments are made in the administrative office.

Refrain from holding long conversation with the teacher when dropping your child off. This will take the attention from other students. Remember it only takes seconds for an accident to happen.

Extra Activities:

  • Free Movement Classes
  • Biblical Classes
  • Chess Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Educational Excursions/Activities every Friday
  • Spanish Classes
  • Dance Classes



  • Red plaid jumpers
  • White blouses
  • Navy blue shoes with rubber sole
  • SPA T- Shirts and blue jeans may be worn on Fridays only.


  • Red plaid shirts
  • Navy blue pants
  • Navy blue shoes with rubber sole
  • SPA T- Shirts and blue jeans may be worn on Fridays only.
  • Toe or heel out shoes may not be worn due to the safety standards. Our uniform may be purchase from Parker School Uniform Company. Information is available upon request.


  • Pre-Evaluation given upon student's first week of school
  • Mid - year Report Card - January.
  • Final Report Card - May

    Special Programs:

    Special Programs usually occur in conjunction with holidays. Parents will be notified about the specifics of any special programs through the administrative staff.

    Birthday Parties:

    Parents who wish to have their child's birthday celebration at the academy will notify the administrative staff one week in advance.

    Southern Preparatory Birthday Package may be selected by the parents.

    All parties will be held on Fridays. If your child's birthday does not fall on a Friday the party may occur on the Friday before or the Friday after their birthday. The date for the birthday party is determined on a first come first served basis. Parties will begin at 2:30 P.M. and end at 4:00 P.M.

    Personal Items:

    Girls may only wear earrings (studs and small hoops) to school. Other jewelry is not permitted. The academy will not be responsible for lost/misplaced jewelry.

    Parents are only asked to send toys on Fridays for, "Show and Tell." Extended items may include your child's favorite book, a post card or even a family member they would like to share. All toys, books, posters, etc. brought to the academy must be properly labeled with child's first and last name.

    Each child is required to bring:
  • A mat for "Quiet Time," with your child's first and last name written with a permanent marker.
  • A cover (large thick white towel) for "Quiet Time." The towel should also have your child's first and last name written on it with a permanent marker on it.
  • A change of clothing according to the season. The change of clothes may be regular everyday clothing labeled with your child's first and last name.

Quiet Time:

All students are required to relax during "Quiet Time." A student may take a nap or just lay quietly on their mat. Students will listen to soft music during, "Quiet Time."

Play Ground:

If weather permits, daily outdoor activities on the playground are scheduled. If for any reason, you do not want your child to participate in the outdoor activities due to medical reasons, please notify us in writing with a physician's signature to justify your decision.


The academy will be closed to observe the following holidays. Weekly tuition will remain the same. 

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after
  • Christmas Holidays (December 25- January 1, 2010)


    Each student is allowed two weeks of vacation free of tuition. The academy will need to know the date of each vacation two weeks in advance so that possible staff adjustment may be implemented.


    If there are changes in any of SPA Policies, you will receive a handout within 24 hours of the change.


    Southern Preparatory Academy does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, mental or physical disabilities.

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